What is Marijuana?

Before we directly jump into the topic, it is necessary to know that what does a weed means? Generally, the unwanted plants which grow itself in the field of a farmer or anywhere else is known as weed. But in this article, we are not going to discuss that. The weed which we are going to discuss is also known as Marijuana. And it is taken by many people to get high.

Marijuana is greenish-grey in colour. In scientific terms, it is the mixture of the dried flowers of “Cannabis Sativa.” The chemical delta – 9 – tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is responsible for the alteration of the mind of a person whoever consumes it. And it is also a reason of making it popular among the people for its intoxicating effect. This is the chemical which is generally found in the raisin. It is produced in the leaves and buds of the female cannabis plants. This is not only the end. It also contains around 500 other chemicals in which 100 of them are chemically related to THC. Marijuana produces a large and wide variety of psychological and sensory effects. Marijuana affects a lot to our bodies, and the different types of strains produce different effects. The high lasts depend on the chemical composition of seeker’s body, so it varies from person to person. But the main factor is how it is being consumed. 

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We have read in this article that what is Marijuana and how it is consumed. How the tendency of lasting depends and what is the chemical present because of which we get high. And we also have seen that the high depends on body tolerance also. At last, I just want to thank you for giving your precious time in reading the article.

How many joints can be made with a Pound of Weed?

There are different types of people in the world. All have different choices and have their own tastes. Similarly, there are different types of people who smoke weed. Some smoke thin joints, some people smoke joint, and some smoke medium joints. The answer of the question “How many joints can be made with a pound of weed?”  there is only one and single answer that it depends on how fat your joint is, and how creative you are in rolling the joint. It also depend on the addiction of your joint as the addiction is directly proportional to the amount of weed you consume and it varies from person to person.

However, when we take an average from all over the world, we will get to know that maximum person from all over the globe answers that about 0.32 grams of weed is used to make a single joint. Now let’s do some calculations:

We know that, 

One pound of weed = 448 grams of weed.


Total number of weeds made by 448 grams of weed = total number of weeds made by 1 pound of weed 

= 448 grams weed divided by 0.32 grams of weed

= 1400.

Therefore, we can say that you can make the total of 1400 average sized joints from a pound of weed or Marijuana.


We have seen in this article that how many joints can be made by a pound of weed. Now we know how to make a roll of joint. If you make a fat joint, then you will get a smaller number of rolls, and if you smoke thinner joint, then you will get a higher number of joint.

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Is “Green weed” or “Brown weed” good?

Green weed are the top quality weed that has huge demand in its customers. It can take you high within minutes even if you have a high tolerant towards THC, a chemical found in trichome which is responsible for the highness one receives. These are lushly green dense packets of buds from marijuana plants, which are filled with THC, covered with trichomes as if covered in a blanket of dust all over it.

Those crystals of trichomes are the actual source of THC. These Green weeds are properly harvested and cured, unlike brown weeds which are generally harvested before they are even matured enough to be cured, and t are filled in a brick-shaped vacuum container. With that of recreational and psychoactive effects, it also has some medicinal properties which are most likely to be used on mentally sick people.

However, Brown weed are the lowest quality weed that are nowhere demanded at all. Only if you fall short of money or want it to be used as starters in a crowded party, it can work.

Brown weed are the cheap weed with no or less recreational property. They usually lack in THC content and is least considered to be brought upon.

These weeds are easy money-making deals, and that’s why farmers of weed use to grow these, as they require low maintenance and care to grow. Only a good amount of seed in your backyard and a continuous watering of these plants can get you a whole bunch of crap schwag weed.

These weeds do not contain many trichomes so as to get you high and even then if you want to consume this, you need to smoke a lot of it, just to reach your expected highness. But that too might not help as it may lead you to bed. You can have sore throat and anxiousness because of huge consumption.

So, you might have your answer as which one is good to buy and which one’s not to.


Why smoking weeds get you high?

Normally a person who does not smoke or consume weed of any type and has stepped in to take his first one thinks that the leaves of Marijuana is commonly said as weed and it can be consumed to get high. In this article, we will discuss the plants which is pretty famous among the weed consumers. We will find out why smoking weeds get you high?

Why people get high after smoking weed?

As we all know that cannabinoids are found in every part of the plants, therefore it is true that you can take the leaves to get high. Does it satisfy you? If yes then the question is that 

The cannabinoid is a chemical which is commonly found in Marijuana. It causes psychoactive and drug-like effect throughout your body which also includes your immune and central nervous system. The chemical delta – 9 – tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is responsible for the alteration of the mind of a person whoever consumes it. And it is also a reason for making it popular among the people for its intoxicating effect. This is the chemical which is generally found in the raisin. It is produced in the leaves and buds of the female cannabis plants.

Types of weed leaves: Fan leaves, Sugar Leaves and trimmings.

In case you really want to test some weed leaves then I will suggest you go for the sugar leaves rather than fan leaves. It gives you a better highness than that of the fan leaves, but why is it so? Can we say that the sugar leaves filled with sugar or can we say that all leaves are different in a weed plant? We will see a little definition in this article.

Fan Leaves: wherever you will see the representation of weed then you will always see the logos and illustrations of these leaves only. So, we can say that even if these leaves lack the recreational property then also it will have some importance.

Sugar Leaves: Sugar leaves will be the good choice over the fan leaves. Anyone can find these leaves near the buds and mainly the smaller ones.

Lastly, I want to thank you for reading my thoughts.

Why You Should Stay Away From Reggie Weed?

Reggie Weed is a regular weed, also known as Ganja that is graded as low category of C + strain and few of the smokers consider it in a B ++plus or mid-grade weed. It is a heritage of sativa dominant and considered it for a beginner’s as it strain is very mild with THC level of 15 to 18 percent. It is a Cannabis which is grown poorly. It is very dark green in color and sometime brown also and have strange dark color.

It is one of the Ganja, it has many seeds and very bad in taste and smell is also not good. You cannot feel high while having it as compare to others good weed available. Reggie weed is very low quality, badly grown and smokers must avoid it.

You should Stay away from Reggie weed as it is very poor quality of weed and grown in very bad condition. If you have Reggie weed it may expose you to some nasty substances. You cannot found it normally; you have to contact black market for this as it is illegal in most of the countries. While growing Reggie weed it is possible that harmful pesticides are exposed to them which very harmful for your health. If you smoke Reggie weed, you can face health issues like its smoke can damage your sensitive tissues of your lungs and cause severe breathing issues. It contains harmful and mixture of many poorly grown seeds which create harmful drunkenness and make you feel fizziness and unconscious while having it. 

Conclusion: Reggie weed is consider as one of the dangerous weed available in the market. One must take care while having Reggie weed and we will recommend you that you must throw away the Reggie weed if you found or you have and safe yourself from this unhealthy weed.