How to roll a Blunt?

Blunts are a smart and cool way to make a weed. It is famous in celebrities as it can be used by rappers to use as a rhyming rap and celebrities like to have snap with it. These last longer, the effect of marijuana and tobacco makes a person sparked up feels like buzz in the body. If it has such a buzzing effect then it must require some really nice skills to roll it up. and here’s how you roll a blunt

Brands of Cigar:

  • Swisher Sweets
  • Dutch Masters
  • Backwoods
  • White Owl
  • Phillies

Steps to roll a Blunt:

  • First step is to find a better quality weed or herb for making a blunt.
  • Then grind the cannabis in the shake.
  • Now make your wrap, if you use a cigar or a Cigarillo then cut to the length you require, empty the tobacco and fill it with the herb.
  • If you are using a blunt wrap then use a little moisture to wrap it in a better way. You can use some water or the saliva for the moisture. But if you are with your group avoid using saliva.
  • Then fill your wrap with the weed choice and if you are not experienced then be conservative for the choice of the wrap.
  • Then roll your joint using the thumb and the finger like you roll a cigarette or a joint.
  • After giving it a shape, again wet after setting the wrap, then apply a little pressure to set the wrap into shape.
  • After rolling it, you need to dry this first, if you do not do this process it would not burn easily. Now its ready to be burnt and enjoy it.