How to roll a blunt?

Blunt is same as a joint in which there is marijuana but it is wrapped up in a tobacco leafy paper instead of a rolling paper that is generally used to roll a joint. It has a different taste, smell , burn time, effect.

Steps to Roll a Blunt:

  • Grind the weed: First step is to find a better quality weed or herb for making a blunt. Then grind the cannabis in the shake.
  • Selection of the wrap: Now make your wrap, if you use a cigar or a Cigarillo then cut to the length you require, empty the tobacco and fill it with the herb. If you are using a blunt wrap then use a little moisture to wrap it in a better way
  • Break the wrap: You can use a grinder to grind the buds or can use hands to grind but it takes a little more time to break through hands and makes your hand sticky. The strains that are sticky are really hard to grind through a grinder so break those sticky ones by hands. Cut the Cigar to the length required, then use your hands to wrap it up.
  • Moisten the wrap: If you are using a blunt wrap then use a little moisture to wrap it in a better way. You can use some water or the saliva for the moisture. But if you are with your group avoid using saliva.
  • Fill the weed in the Wrap: Then fill your wrap with the weed choice and if you are not experienced then be conservative for the choice of the wrap.
  • Roll the Blunt: Press the weed down using the finger, and roll it with the thumb. Tuck the filter on the end after giving it the cylindrical shape with the same thickness so that it burns evenly.
  • Now seal the blunt by applying a little moisture like water or saliva so that you can set it better. Then dry it, because after drying process it would burn evenly and properly.