How to Roll a Joint?

Types of joints Roll

A Classic Joint Roll:

A joint needs to be smooth and should burn up evenly and nicely, and should give you a great amount of pleasure with every take.

If you want to roll a perfect joint then you would need a cardboard. That’s gonna be folded up and formed a filter for your joint.

Then take a rolling paper and put the filter to the end. Hold the paper between your thumb and your index finger and keep it in place. Pack the of the paper with your green bud.

And pack the bud with the same wideness as of your filter. That might help to keep the smoke even and smooth

Now roll the joint by pinching both the sides of the paper together, and then roll the paper up and down.

Then you need to fold the side of the paper that is not glued over the bud and towards the glued side. Once the fold is done then you should roll the paper up and then seal it by lick over the glued section of the paper.


Double Down With a Shotgun Joint Roll

pull out a shotgun joint to impress by showing your rolling skills and supply of fresh leaf.

a shotgun joint is different from a  shotgun style smoking, it is the smoking which is done by blowing back the smoke into the mouth of someone else.

This joint is simple as compared to other joints and needs all the skills that is done in the classic joint.

The only thing is you need to use the rolling paper and reduce the width of the paper. Don’t forget to cut away on the unglued side.


Rolling the Cone Joint

It is yet another pretty classic and simple joint which is the cone joint.

This joint is cone-shaped, meaning it is narrow like a cone at the filter and wide at the top.

The easy way to do this is to roll paper first and keep it tight over the filter and roll by your other hand to give a cone shape.


Cross Joint Roll

Show your rolling skills and be creative. A cross joint is a smoke made through two joints that combine together to make a cross.

Make two classic joints and make sure that the one is thick and the other is thinner. Cut a hole through a thick joint for about two to three cm away from the filter. And make a hole in the thinner joint in the center of it.