How to roll?

Weed  is enjoying the flower’s flavor in an iconic way, it is for the cannabis smoker who should definitely learn how to roll. The way you roll shows how Cannabis smoker you are, it should burn in a smooth way. Rolling is the main thing in making a perfect joint, you should get a good trip after taking a weed.

Types of joint:

  • A Classic Joint :

A joint needs to be smooth and should burn up evenly and nicely, and should give you a great amount of pleasure with every take. If you want to roll a perfect classic joint then you would need a cardboard. That’s gonna be folded up and formed a filter for your joint.

  • Double Down With a Shotgun Joint: Pull out a shotgun joint to impress by showing your rolling skills and supply of fresh leaf. A shotgun joint is different from a  shotgun style smoking, it is the smoking which is done by blowing back the smoke into the mouth of someone else.
  • Rolling the Cone Joint: It is yet another pretty classic and simple joint which is the cone joint. This joint is cone-shaped, meaning it is narrow like a cone at the filter and wide at the top. The easy way to do this is to roll paper first and keep it tight over the filter and roll by your other hand to give a cone shape.


Steps to roll:

Below are the things required to roll a joint:

  • Choose the Cannabis of your choice.
  • To roll a joint the amount of weed should be ½ gram which is normal and the rolling paper should be of the size 1 ¼.  For getting a good trip, start with a small amount of rolled weed and then can increase the amount.
  • Rolling paper need to be used.
  • Use a crutch or filter for the support to enjoy the joint properly.
  • Cannabis Grinder
  • A pen or any object of this shape to pack the joint properly.