Is “Green weed” or “Brown weed” good?

Green weed are the top quality weed that has huge demand in its customers. It can take you high within minutes even if you have a high tolerant towards THC, a chemical found in trichome which is responsible for the highness one receives. These are lushly green dense packets of buds from marijuana plants, which are filled with THC, covered with trichomes as if covered in a blanket of dust all over it.

Those crystals of trichomes are the actual source of THC. These Green weeds are properly harvested and cured, unlike brown weeds which are generally harvested before they are even matured enough to be cured, and t are filled in a brick-shaped vacuum container. With that of recreational and psychoactive effects, it also has some medicinal properties which are most likely to be used on mentally sick people.

However, Brown weed are the lowest quality weed that are nowhere demanded at all. Only if you fall short of money or want it to be used as starters in a crowded party, it can work.

Brown weed are the cheap weed with no or less recreational property. They usually lack in THC content and is least considered to be brought upon.

These weeds are easy money-making deals, and that’s why farmers of weed use to grow these, as they require low maintenance and care to grow. Only a good amount of seed in your backyard and a continuous watering of these plants can get you a whole bunch of crap schwag weed.

These weeds do not contain many trichomes so as to get you high and even then if you want to consume this, you need to smoke a lot of it, just to reach your expected highness. But that too might not help as it may lead you to bed. You can have sore throat and anxiousness because of huge consumption.

So, you might have your answer as which one is good to buy and which one’s not to.