How to roll?

Weed  is enjoying the flower’s flavor in an iconic way, it is for the cannabis smoker who should definitely learn how to roll. The way you roll shows how Cannabis smoker you are, it should burn in a smooth way. Rolling is the main thing in making a perfect joint, you should get a good trip after taking a weed.

Types of joint:

  • A Classic Joint :

A joint needs to be smooth and should burn up evenly and nicely, and should give you a great amount of pleasure with every take. If you want to roll a perfect classic joint then you would need a cardboard. That’s gonna be folded up and formed a filter for your joint.

  • Double Down With a Shotgun Joint: Pull out a shotgun joint to impress by showing your rolling skills and supply of fresh leaf. A shotgun joint is different from a  shotgun style smoking, it is the smoking which is done by blowing back the smoke into the mouth of someone else.
  • Rolling the Cone Joint: It is yet another pretty classic and simple joint which is the cone joint. This joint is cone-shaped, meaning it is narrow like a cone at the filter and wide at the top. The easy way to do this is to roll paper first and keep it tight over the filter and roll by your other hand to give a cone shape.


Steps to roll:

Below are the things required to roll a joint:

  • Choose the Cannabis of your choice.
  • To roll a joint the amount of weed should be ½ gram which is normal and the rolling paper should be of the size 1 ¼.  For getting a good trip, start with a small amount of rolled weed and then can increase the amount.
  • Rolling paper need to be used.
  • Use a crutch or filter for the support to enjoy the joint properly.
  • Cannabis Grinder
  • A pen or any object of this shape to pack the joint properly.


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The Pechoti gland is an important part of our body 72,000 nerves which run throughout in our body to various organs and tissues. It is basically located behind the belly button or naval of our body. During pregnancy umbilical cord is attached to pechoti gland and its main role to carries nutrients from mother to her baby through connection with pechoti gland. After the delivery, umbilical cot is cut but the pechoti gland is remain there for connecting to various nerves and tissues. From centuries, people practice by applying essentials or CBD oil in naval or belly button to allow pechoti gland to absorb the cannabinoids which have ability to reach every part of our body. It is the traditional long time benefit method. This method can be used for many illnesses which give long time relief with regular use of oils in pechoti gland. The following oils drops on pechoti gland give relief to various ailment-

  • Drop of brandy gives relief in period pain in women.
  • Drop of castor oil give relief in stomach ache
  • Drop of olive oil give relief in diarrhea
  • Drop of coconut oil improves fertility
  • Drop of almond oil can give glow skin.
  • Drop of pure desi ghee or butter gives baby soft skin.
  • Drop of lemon oil removes skin pigmentation
  • Drop of neem oil can relief from white spots on face and puffiness over face.
  • Drop of mustard oil can relief from cold or cough and even sour throats.


It is used from Ayurveda periods and still use as Ayurveda treatment. Most of the people are turning towards the Ayurveda not only in Indian culture but also in Western culture. Pechoti gland is use to deliver nutrients and medicines to the body which gives long lasting benefit and natural way of treatment.



Pechoti Method

Hove you ever heard about this method of treatment it may be possible that you may say no but it is most popular practice in ayurvedic medicine. It is said that it one oil into and around the belly button then one can feel relax and can heal upto 70 million nerves, tissues and other body organs through pechoti gland.

The pechoti gland is present behind the belly button and is the primary source of the serotonin and hormone that help us to feel happy and relax and dopamine (50%) which gives a joy feeling. So it becomes very important for us to take care of belly button or the naval.

You can apply the oil in the naval as it has many benefits. Some of the benefits of applying oil in the naval are

  • It helps in the improvement of the eye sight
  • It helps a lot in the gas related issues
  • It helps in texturing the skin and removes the white spots.
  • It reduces the joint pain

Some of the popular oils that we can apply are coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, etc. Different types of CBD/essential oils have different effects besides providing relief from pain, stress, easing tension for example

  • Tea tree oil provides relief from irritation and skin inflammation.
  • Peppermint oil provides relief from nausea and gut pain.
  • Neem oil is useful in skin care and hair treatment.
  • Ginger oil in nausea.

You cannot absorb oil when it is applied on belly button but one thing is certain that the scents of oil on the body and method of applying CBD oil is beyond doubt pain relieving and has calming effect. It is safe provided the oil is applied on bellybutton gently.


Some other benefits of applying oil to the belly button are cracked heals and lips helps in maintaining a glowing face, shinning hair.…

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The Pechoti gland is a gland which is located behind the belly button basically in naval of our body. Umbilical cord is attached to pechoti gland during pregnancy and its main role to carries nutrients from mother to her baby through connection with pechoti gland.

After the umbilical cot is cut the pechoti gland is remain which connects more than 72,000 nerves which run throughout in our body to various organs and tissues. Many people practice by applying essentials or CBD oil in naval or belly button to allow pechoti gland to absorb the cannabinoids.

The pechoti gland is used from centuries to treat many medicinal problem and treatments. This method can be used for many illnesses which give long time relief with regular use of oils in pechoti gland.

Like if a female is suffering prom pain, she can add few drop of brandy on belly button can give relief, for stomach ache one can add few drops of castor oil around the navel for relief, for diarrhea one can add olive oil around pechoti gland it will sort it out soon and even for dry skin or dry lip one can add coconut oil, almond oil is use for to make skin glow , put desi ghee or pure butter in pechoti gland and see the results in few days and get baby skin, Lemon oil can use to get rid of skin pigmentation, neem oil will help in to get rid of white  spots and puffiness on face.

This make skin glow and lips softer. If someone is suffering from cold and cough or sore throats then put mustard oil at pechoti gland, it gives relief. By applying oil on pechoti gland it reaches to cannabinoids which have ability to reach every part of our body.…

Pechoti Method

The pechoti method is used to –

  • Relax your body
  • Deals with many ailments
  • Relieve muscle and joint pain
  • Relieve stomach and menstrual pain
  • Helps in stress reduction
  • Pumps blood circulation in the body
  • Improve eye vision

This method is focused on the connection between physical and spiritual health. If we go back to see the structure of belly button, we find that there is a thick network of nerves around the gut.

It contains CB 2 receptors that allow CBD oils to help digest. CBD oils can interact with the nerves in the gut that aid in digestion. They can help reduce the symptoms of gut disorders like irritable bowel syndromes. They also reduce stomach damages and relieve gut inflammation.

We may also call it as Pechoti intake techniques focused on pechoti gland said to be behind the belly button. In fact the pechoti gland is conceptual.

Irrespective of it’s existence or non-existence if we consider it from ayurvedic point of view, this so called conceptual gland lies at the end of unbiblical cord in the womb and remains long till the cord is cut after birth of the child.

The intake technique is very simple. The essential oils as per requirement, are poured in belly button in drops by drop by drop and leave the same for sometime but at least 20 minutes. This method is very useful in digestive problems like irritable bowel syndromes.

Different types of CBD/essential oils have different effects besides providing relief from pain, stress, easing tension for example

  • tea tree oil provides relief from irritation and skin inflammation.
  • peppermint oil provides relief from nausea and gut pain.
  • neem oil is useful in skin care and hair treatment.
  • ginger oil in nausea.

You can also use a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol for running nose and cold. Cotton balls soaked in the brandy helps in the menstrual cramps.…