The Pechoti gland is an important part of our body 72,000 nerves which run throughout in our body to various organs and tissues. It is basically located behind the belly button or naval of our body. During pregnancy umbilical cord is attached to pechoti gland and its main role to carries nutrients from mother to her baby through connection with pechoti gland. After the delivery, umbilical cot is cut but the pechoti gland is remain there for connecting to various nerves and tissues. From centuries, people practice by applying essentials or CBD oil in naval or belly button to allow pechoti gland to absorb the cannabinoids which have ability to reach every part of our body. It is the traditional long time benefit method. This method can be used for many illnesses which give long time relief with regular use of oils in pechoti gland. The following oils drops on pechoti gland give relief to various ailment-

  • Drop of brandy gives relief in period pain in women.
  • Drop of castor oil give relief in stomach ache
  • Drop of olive oil give relief in diarrhea
  • Drop of coconut oil improves fertility
  • Drop of almond oil can give glow skin.
  • Drop of pure desi ghee or butter gives baby soft skin.
  • Drop of lemon oil removes skin pigmentation
  • Drop of neem oil can relief from white spots on face and puffiness over face.
  • Drop of mustard oil can relief from cold or cough and even sour throats.


It is used from Ayurveda periods and still use as Ayurveda treatment. Most of the people are turning towards the Ayurveda not only in Indian culture but also in Western culture. Pechoti gland is use to deliver nutrients and medicines to the body which gives long lasting benefit and natural way of treatment.