The Pechoti gland is a gland which is located behind the belly button basically in naval of our body. Umbilical cord is attached to pechoti gland during pregnancy and its main role to carries nutrients from mother to her baby through connection with pechoti gland.

After the umbilical cot is cut the pechoti gland is remain which connects more than 72,000 nerves which run throughout in our body to various organs and tissues. Many people practice by applying essentials or CBD oil in naval or belly button to allow pechoti gland to absorb the cannabinoids.

The pechoti gland is used from centuries to treat many medicinal problem and treatments. This method can be used for many illnesses which give long time relief with regular use of oils in pechoti gland.

Like if a female is suffering prom pain, she can add few drop of brandy on belly button can give relief, for stomach ache one can add few drops of castor oil around the navel for relief, for diarrhea one can add olive oil around pechoti gland it will sort it out soon and even for dry skin or dry lip one can add coconut oil, almond oil is use for to make skin glow , put desi ghee or pure butter in pechoti gland and see the results in few days and get baby skin, Lemon oil can use to get rid of skin pigmentation, neem oil will help in to get rid of white  spots and puffiness on face.

This make skin glow and lips softer. If someone is suffering from cold and cough or sore throats then put mustard oil at pechoti gland, it gives relief. By applying oil on pechoti gland it reaches to cannabinoids which have ability to reach every part of our body.