What is Marijuana?

Before we directly jump into the topic, it is necessary to know that what does a weed means? Generally, the unwanted plants which grow itself in the field of a farmer or anywhere else is known as weed. But in this article, we are not going to discuss that. The weed which we are going to discuss is also known as Marijuana. And it is taken by many people to get high.

Marijuana is greenish-grey in colour. In scientific terms, it is the mixture of the dried flowers of “Cannabis Sativa.” The chemical delta – 9 – tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is responsible for the alteration of the mind of a person whoever consumes it. And it is also a reason of making it popular among the people for its intoxicating effect. This is the chemical which is generally found in the raisin. It is produced in the leaves and buds of the female cannabis plants. This is not only the end. It also contains around 500 other chemicals in which 100 of them are chemically related to THC. Marijuana produces a large and wide variety of psychological and sensory effects. Marijuana affects a lot to our bodies, and the different types of strains produce different effects. The high lasts depend on the chemical composition of seeker’s body, so it varies from person to person. But the main factor is how it is being consumed. 

At the bottom

We have read in this article that what is Marijuana and how it is consumed. How the tendency of lasting depends and what is the chemical present because of which we get high. And we also have seen that the high depends on body tolerance also. At last, I just want to thank you for giving your precious time in reading the article.