Why smoking weeds get you high?

Normally a person who does not smoke or consume weed of any type and has stepped in to take his first one thinks that the leaves of Marijuana is commonly said as weed and it can be consumed to get high. In this article, we will discuss the plants which is pretty famous among the weed consumers. We will find out why smoking weeds get you high?

Why people get high after smoking weed?

As we all know that cannabinoids are found in every part of the plants, therefore it is true that you can take the leaves to get high. Does it satisfy you? If yes then the question is that 

The cannabinoid is a chemical which is commonly found in Marijuana. It causes psychoactive and drug-like effect throughout your body which also includes your immune and central nervous system. The chemical delta – 9 – tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is responsible for the alteration of the mind of a person whoever consumes it. And it is also a reason for making it popular among the people for its intoxicating effect. This is the chemical which is generally found in the raisin. It is produced in the leaves and buds of the female cannabis plants.

Types of weed leaves: Fan leaves, Sugar Leaves and trimmings.

In case you really want to test some weed leaves then I will suggest you go for the sugar leaves rather than fan leaves. It gives you a better highness than that of the fan leaves, but why is it so? Can we say that the sugar leaves filled with sugar or can we say that all leaves are different in a weed plant? We will see a little definition in this article.

Fan Leaves: wherever you will see the representation of weed then you will always see the logos and illustrations of these leaves only. So, we can say that even if these leaves lack the recreational property then also it will have some importance.

Sugar Leaves: Sugar leaves will be the good choice over the fan leaves. Anyone can find these leaves near the buds and mainly the smaller ones.

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