Why You Should Stay Away From Reggie Weed?

Reggie Weed is a regular weed, also known as Ganja that is graded as low category of C + strain and few of the smokers consider it in a B ++plus or mid-grade weed. It is a heritage of sativa dominant and considered it for a beginner’s as it strain is very mild with THC level of 15 to 18 percent. It is a Cannabis which is grown poorly. It is very dark green in color and sometime brown also and have strange dark color.

It is one of the Ganja, it has many seeds and very bad in taste and smell is also not good. You cannot feel high while having it as compare to others good weed available. Reggie weed is very low quality, badly grown and smokers must avoid it.

You should Stay away from Reggie weed as it is very poor quality of weed and grown in very bad condition. If you have Reggie weed it may expose you to some nasty substances. You cannot found it normally; you have to contact black market for this as it is illegal in most of the countries. While growing Reggie weed it is possible that harmful pesticides are exposed to them which very harmful for your health. If you smoke Reggie weed, you can face health issues like its smoke can damage your sensitive tissues of your lungs and cause severe breathing issues. It contains harmful and mixture of many poorly grown seeds which create harmful drunkenness and make you feel fizziness and unconscious while having it. 

Conclusion: Reggie weed is consider as one of the dangerous weed available in the market. One must take care while having Reggie weed and we will recommend you that you must throw away the Reggie weed if you found or you have and safe yourself from this unhealthy weed.